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Knitted and Woven Wire Mesh Gaskets

Knitted gaskets give excellent EMI shielding (electro magnetic interference) and RFI shielding (radio frequency interference) characteristics.

Knitted gaskets reduce the leakage of unwanted fields through a joint between two parts as part of a metal enclosure (or metal coated plastic) by providing a continuous low resistance path between the parts such as a box and a lid.  They are also resiliant enough to conform to large joint unevenness and the wiping action of the wires can improve surface contact.

The main applications are in sealing doors and panels in enclosures and cabinets, mounting conductive windows into housings, mounting vent cabinets.

Available in many configurations, the mesh comes with or without elastomer core depending on the degree of resilience required.  It can also be bonded to an elastomer seal for improved environmental protection.  

A choice of metal wire allows good electrochemical compatibility.

  • All metal 
  • Metal mesh on elastomer sponge
  • Metal mesh on elastomer tubing
  • Construction with added neoprene or silicone sponge seals


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