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Success is Built on Solid Foundations


One of the great things about working at #TBAProtectiveSolutions over the years has been the exceedingly staff turnover and the continuity in the business.
A bit like #RoystonVasey once you enter #TBAPS you never leave, however there are major advantages for all #stakeholders in the business resulting from this longevity of service. Customers obviously benefit from the considerable knowledge and experience of products, applications and manufacturing expertise within the the business, being confident that the most suitable product for the parameters of their application is recommendend.
That knowledge and experience covers #Antistatic applications for #ATEX #electronicsassembly #pharmaceutical #ordnance and #printing #environments. #EMC for the #electronics industry , #magneticallydetectable materials for #foodindustry have long been an area where #TBAPS has expertise. More recently #TBAPS has added #floorprotection and #thermalprotection products to the range as part of the ongoing #organicdevelopment of the business into technically related markets.

Over the years #TBAPS long serving staff have developed expertise in #manufacturing #specialitymaterials + #products to meet the requirements of #TBAPS customer's #demandingenvironments. #TBAPS #materialexpertise includes #thermoplastics + #thermosetpolymers #conductivepaints + #EMIShieldingpaints #specialitytextiles for #architecturalshielding #EMIshielding #antistatic + #thermalprotection applications. Many of these #technologies combine in our comprehensive range of #EMIshieldinggaskets.
#TBAPS range of #technicalsolutions for applications have developed over many years, from the early days in the mid #1980's to the present day, indeed some of the early material technology drew on the expertise of #TBAIndustrialproducts. As a result the #evolving #knowledge curve within the business is substantial and is a direct result of the continuity of the people in the business.
All of this certainly benefits our customers, in fact it is worth noting that we have customers dating back to the early days of #TBAPS, this is something of which we are all very proud of at #TBAPS as it is massive #voteofconfidence in our business but also in us as individuals as well as the technical support and service we offer along with the quality of our products.
#TBAPS raw material suppliers enjoy huge benefits from the incredibly low staff turnover within #TBAPS , personal relationships develop over time fuelling the #TBAPS #innovation process as good personal relationships between us and our suppliers help further technical understanding of what #TBAPS #specialitymaterials for #demandingenvironments.
All #stakeholders including our ownership benefit from the #stability that long serving staff bring.
Over my own many years of service I have had the privelage of working with many stand out staff, however I think a number of my current colleagues deserve special mention for their efforts and committment over a good number of years.
I think Jim O'Neill, Ann Lister, Mark Watson and Freda Hammonds deserve special mention, three of them started with #TBAIndustrialProducts straight from school making their combined length of service significant. All four have given good service to #TBAPS through good times and not so good times, always hard working and willing to adapt to circumstances in thier determination to best serve our customers. They are an excellent example to new new starters within the business like our Sales #Apprentice , Niall Lineker who has a great opportunity to learn from them not just in terms of #productknowledge but in terms of the personal attributes required in #personnel for a business to be successful, namely hardwork, committment , a desire to learn and improve and a willingness to go the extra mile for the customer.
A couple of other noteworthy members of the team are our consultants Viv Fisher, who has given many years service to #TBA before going into consultancy. Viv has much experience in the sales and marketing of #thermalprotectivetextiles and has links to #TBAPS through her father Peter Lett , who helped me lot in my early days with #TBAPS when he was production manager.
Our other consultant Les McLawrence spent the bulk of his career with one of our suppliers from the early days, he nows provides additional support to us in a technical capacity on #thermosetrubbers.
Whichever way you look at it the stability of our team gives #TBAPS and our customers solid foundations to work on, and of course Success is Built on Solid Foundations.

Mark Lineker