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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • 3D Printing and Design Service

    TBA Protective Solutions 3D printing service allows cost effective prototype development.

    3D printing

    Ideal for tool production capable of up to 100 parts, the 3D printed tools can be made in a range of  polymers including ABS and  polypropylene as well as specialist conductive and shielding plastics.

    Working with the customer, TBA offers a full design service. Once approved, TBA will 3D print the design enabling the customer to trial his prototype product prior to committing to expensive metal tooling.

    Boxes, enclosures, or indeed any other plastic part can be 3D printed offering the customer low cost, small runs, negating the use of expensive traditional tooling which also demands  high minimum run quantities.


  • Carbon Nanotube Compounds

    TBA’s new conductive PC/PBT carbon nanotube injection moulding compounds utilise multi wall carbon nanotube technology to give permanently conductive materials.  Special compounding techniques at low filler loadings having been developed to disperse the nanotubes ensuring the retention of physical properties and excellent cleanliness.

    ESD and shielding compounds have been produced with particular successes in PC, PC/ABS and PC/PBT compounds.  Hybrids of carbon nanotubes with stainless steel fibres have given high EMI shielding results in excess of what is achieved separately.

    The multi wall carbon nanotubes are very small hollow tubular structures of graphite carbon.  Diameter is typically 1.2 – 2.4nm and 1 nm is 10-9 metres (1,000,000,000ths).  Typically the fibrils are 10,000 nm long, with a very high aspect ratio.

    Mouldings exhibit excellent dimensional and chemical stability and are clean and non-sloughing.

    TBA have had successes in medical and military applications where good mechanical properties, re-cyclability, ease of manufacturing, with weight reductions were required.

    ECP 9603 PC/PBT/CNT is used to manufacture TBA’s bonding plug earth pin, used to ground a static safe working area, giving superior strength, weight reduction, is recyclable and replaces hard to source components.

    Grounding Plug

    TBA’s carbon nanotube compounds are frequently used to produce production aids for the electronics industry such as boxes, bins and PCB racks, safe handling equipment tools and instruments, static dissipating equipment housing and ATEX (explosive atmospheres) applications.  The compound also gives a level of 34dB EMI shielding.

    The specific shear-thinning nature of nanocomposites makes it possible to mould the materials to the normal range of thickness used in the thermoplastic industry.

  • No More Shocks from TBA Protective Solutions!

    TBA is proud to be a British manufacturer supplying into a variety of industries including electronics, defence, medical and automotive.

    TBA’s range of static control products help eliminate the risk of static discharge into electro static discharge sensitive devices (ESDS) by the use of conductive and static dissipative materials  specially designed to ensure a safe handling area is maintained.

    Using Anti Static Work Station Kitspecially formulated conductive and static dissipative polymers, (available to buy separately) TBA mould items such as boxes, bins and trays.  Grounding products, matting, packaging and workstation kits are also part of the products available to ensure maximum protection.

  • Graphene Coatings

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our new range of permanently conductive graphene hybrid transparent coatings for anti-static, EMI Shielding and explosive atmosphere applications.

    The coatings were developed as part of a 5 strong European consortium with EU funding for development of film and coating products to replace conventionally high volatile organic content and heavy metal filled formulations for the speciality electrically conductive coatings market.

    Using carbon nanotubes and a graphene derivative, TBA’s coatings offer an alternative to ITO coating (Indium Tin Oxide) which has finite resources.

    ECP 572 is a permanently conductive clear acrylic coating and, unlike ITO coating, it can be applied in situ to curved applications such as lighting, touch screen monitors and keypads.

    The coating conforms to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC for lighting in an explosive environment and has electrical surface resistivity at 50 micron (ASTM D257) of ˂107 ohm/sq.  It is also fully compliant with BS EN 61340-5-1:2007.  The coating can also be supplied in aerosol form (ECP 592).

    For use on flexible surfaces ECP 576 is a permanently conductive transparent polyurethane coating and is suitable for use where a highly conductive surface is required on a flexible surface such as PVC, rubber variants and fabrics.  Typical applications would include eliminating static from electronics in sensitive areas such as touch screen monitors and flexible keypads in hospitals and also ATEX handling areas such as oil rigs.

    A conductive coloured (grey) water based epoxy coating (ECP 575) offers the advantage of low odour and is environmentally friendly.  Used on flooring applications in the electronics industry, petro-chemical, water-treatment plants, hospitals and ATEX environments the coating can be supplied in tinted shades, or flat colours such as yellow for hazardous signs used in ATEX handling areas.



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