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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • TBA Springs to Attenuation

    Designed to keep out or keep in electromagnetic interference, TBA Protective Solutions range of BeCu gaskets are an excellent choice for shielding electronic equipment.

    Becu fingerstrip gaskets, shielding vents

    With attenuation exceeding 100 dB for most profiles, the mechanical and electrical properties makes this high performance metal alloy ideal for EMI/RFI shielding, providing shielding effectiveness over an extremely broad frequency range giving a high deflection range and long life without compression set.  BeCu gaskets give maximum spring properties for strength and fatigue resistance.

    DiamondBack shielding, with a textured contact surface, increases attenuation at 2.5 GHz and above.  The non-abrasive texturing can be applied to most standard profiles to achieve up to 20dB attenuation improvement at high frequencies without raising the compression force.

    To avoid galvanic action between contacting metals a variety of plating options are available.  Many profiles are offered in standard thickness or low compression.

  • TBA Protects Against Static Shocks

    Manufacturing has always been at the heart of TBA Protective Solutions.  Originally a textile manufacturing company, trading began from Clod Mill, Rochdale in the 1800s.

    TBA Clod Mill

    Of course things have moved on since then.  TBA Protective Solutions moved from the old site in 2012 and are now situated in a modern facility on the Transpennine Trading Estate, next to Junction 20 of the M62 motorway, but manufacturing still remains a huge part of its business.

    Using their own specially formulated conductive and static dissipative polymers, TBA use injection moulding machines to produce an array of products including conductive boxes and bins, earthing plugs and pins, coiled cords and wrist band buckles as part of their static control range.

    Gail Campbell, Sales & Marketing Manager said “People often underestimate the damage that can be caused by static discharge. Damage to static sensitive devices is often not picked up until the product reaches the end customer where it fails in operation, costing the original manufacturer huge amounts of money in returns and replacing stock, notwithstanding the damage to the company’s reputation for providing faulty product.  This damage can be prevented at source by using the correct protective products and adhering to quality control procedures.  TBA Protective Solutions manufactures a wide range of products that can be used to protect against static build up ensuring customers products are right first time, every time.”

    TBA Protective Solutions manufacture and supply goods and services into the electronics, defence, medical, food and ATEX handling industries including Static Control Products, EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets, Electrically Conducting Polymers and Coatings and Magnetically Detectables.

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