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Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • Risk Detectives

    Undetected contamination is a nightmare scenario for any food manufacturer. In addition to the significant upfront costs and embarrassment caused by having to recall and destroy products, there is also the potential for litigation. In the modern world of social media, these errors can also have far greater implications for a brands reputation, as photos of affected stock spread across platforms and around the globe in minutes.

    With so many potential sources of contamination, it simply isn’t possible to completely eliminate mistakes. The challenge is therefore to identify time and cost effective solutions which can allow contamination to be automatically detected at the earliest possible stage, minimising the quantity of stock affected and reducing the risk of any lasting implications.

    One of the most common methods of achieving this is with magnetic detection, however this still leaves food vulnerable to contamination from a wide variety of non-metal sources such as measuring jugs, brushes and floor matting.  Magnetically detectable products provide a simple solution.Magnetically detectable jugs and spoons

    Whilst they look and feel no different than conventional equipment, magnetically detectable products are produced with specially developed thermoplastic compounds. Any components or fragments which break off from them during the production process therefore become identifiable as part of the magnetic detection process. This minimises the risk of contaminated food reaching customers and also helps to reduce the amount of food being scrapped.

    Magnetically detectable equipment can be used as part of the HACCP (hazard analysis and control) process and clearly demonstrate the firm’s commitment to carrying out “all due diligence”. By improving the effectiveness of current detection equipment, they can also extend the lifespan of these technologies and avoid the need for costly upgrades.

    Our comprehensive selection of magnetically detectable thermoplastic compounds and production processes have been developed through years of collaboration with a wide range of food manufacturers. This allows us to create virtually all items commonly used in food factories in magnetically detectable form, from injection moulded bearings and tool grips, to rotationally moulded bins and containers. We also have a range of proprietary thermoplastic magnetic detectable compounds including film grades.

    For additional peace of mind, our compounds are exclusively manufactured in either non – food blue or red (for nut allergy). This makes fragments far more easily visible to the naked eye and both you and your customers protected from unwanted surprises!

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