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Static Control

Safeguarding people & equipment

We experience static electricity every day: usually harmless enough. However, it can be extremely damaging, even catastrophic, for electronic devices known as ESDS.

The static control range from TBA Protective Solutions includes packaging and storage systems, flooring, foot grounders, work surfaces, instrumentation and coatings and protects against electro static discharge (ESD).

This is outstanding, proven protection from static electricity misfortune.

  • Label signs & marking
  • Work surfaces & workstations
  • Seating
  • Grounding
  • Packaging & storage
  • Ionisers
  • Cutters & pliers
  • De-soldering tools

Speciality audit equipment from TBA Protective Solutions allows regular testing of electro-conductive components to ensure that all relevant legal requirements are being met satisfactorily.

There are wristband checkers, system checkers, resistivity metres, ground kits, workstation monitors and static monitors – with supporting procedures and practices data.