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Magnetic Detectables

Business & consumer protection

In food processing, extensive use is made of stainless steel and plastics for containers, moulds, housings and many other items. Particles and fragments from these can accidentally contaminate foodstuffs.

Costs are incurred through a need to destroy large quantities of affected food and problems can be exacerbated by product recalls and possible litigation. By making use of magnetically detectable products from TBA Protective Solutions, this can be avoided.

Use of detectable products demonstrates due diligence, reduces the need to reject or scrap, cuts the risk of contaminants being consumed and can be used as part of the HACCP (hazard analysis and control) process.

  • Injection moulding & extrusion detectable for packaging and liquid containers
  • Film detectable for bags, bin liners and covers
  • Rotational moulding detectable for large containers and bins
  • Injection moulding / extrusion detectable nylon for brushes and bearings
  • Injection moulding / extrusion detectable for vacuum forming
  • Injection moulding / extrusion detectable for hoses, tool grips, sheeting

As well as their magnetic properties, all compounds are manufactured in non-food blue to provide additional visual detectability.