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EMI Shielding

Failsafe performance

As operating frequencies increase and electronic devices become ever more complex, designers and engineers face growing challenges from electromagnetic interference (EMI).

TBA Protective Solutions has developed a substantial range of high performance EMI shielding and grounding solutions, customised and ready-made, featuring a variety of materials and application forms. Detailed catalogues are available from Downloads.

  • Beryllium Copper (Be/cu) Fingerstrip gaskets
  • Stainless Steel Fingerstrips
  • Fabric Over Foam Conductive gaskets
  • Knitted and Woven Wire Mesh Gaskets
  • Moulded, Extruded and Printed Elastomers
  • Copper and Aluminium Tapes
  • Shielded WIndows
  • Shielded Fan Vents

TBA Protective Solutions offers the most complete line of standard Beryllium Copper (Be/cu) fingerstrip shielding strips in the industry: clip on, stick on, snap on, special mountings, low profile, hook on and connector gaskets.  Cost-effective Beryllium Copper (Be/cu) fingerstrips give excellent spring qualities, low closing force, numerous plating options and conforms to large gap unevenness.

Hard wearing stainless steel fingerstrip versions are also available for many applications.