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TBA Protective Solutions Leading The Way

You are in safe hands. TBA Protective Solutions leads the way in the advancement and manufacture of premium quality electrostatic discharge protection (ESD) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding products.

Innovation lies at the heart of everything generated by our dedicated research and development team and the results include a comprehensive range of market leading, fully approved electro-conductive products across the main groups of polymers and coatings, EMI shielding, static control, magnetic detectables and 3D printing.

Based in north-west England and operating worldwide, the team at TBA Protective Solutions will create or customise answers to your ESD or EMI shielding problems and requirements. Or, more than likely, there will be an off-the-shelf solution just right for you, delivered speedily. So, make that call…

Polymers and Coatings • EMI Shielding • Static Control • Magnetic Detectables • 3DPrinting